WARHOLIAN: Charmaine Olivia studio visit and artist interview with Aimee Dewing – Photos by Michael Cuffe- Warholian

Posted on Sep 8, 2011

It was May 31st and as Americans were crawling back to work after the Memorial Day weekend, now with the golden potential of summertime concerts and art shows fluttering just past our fingertips, Charmaine Olivia updates her Facebook status. She writes in her cute and casual tone, “sooo Lady Gaga chose me as one of 3 Etsy artists to design a poster for her new album release.”

Among moving into a new studio, participating in our very own rockin’ Warhol Reimagined and being featured in several other shows in the San Francisco area, this busy lady has managed to inspire the reigning Princess of Pop with her new kind of pop art woman. Lady Gaga has chosen the painting she calls “Headache” where a voluptuous, dreamy-eyed vixen runs her hands through her stark white hair and two antlers. It makes perfect sense.

Charmaine’s work is both soft and stunning, as she turns the idea of sexiness on its head. Her adorable deer in gym socks has appeared on the cover of a book and you can buy prints of her quirky cool painting “Bears in her Hair” at Urban Outfitters. Her online presence indicates certain savvy of the changing market for art and means of exposure, but it is simply her work itself that speaks to so many people.

via Charmaine Olivia studio visit and artist interview with Aimee Dewing for Warholian – Photos by Michael Cuffe | Warholian.

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