This painting was created for Cirque du Soleil's Hippie Chic event. Multiple eyes are a theme I frequently explore in my work. Eyes being a symbol of sight, vision, introspection. Inner eyes, outer eyes, acknowledging all the worlds that exist within and without us. I like to feel movement when I paint, to me the flowers are blooming and blossoming as I paint them, and the wind flows through her hair, tangling it in the petals. Her face is painted with vibrant gold paint that glows in the light. The blue face in the bottom right, is it a part of her or someone else? Is she crying or are the drips just dew drops? The mood changes every time I look at her, reflecting back at me what I'm feeling in that moment. Painting is signed with "OLIVIA" across her throat as a choker.

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18 x 24 inches
oil on panel